The Better Internet Dashboard is a tool designed to understand the local fibre deployment situation in your area within the UK.

To achieve this we collate various sources of information to help you make data backed decisions.

When you enter a house number and postcode, we'll lookup a bunch of service providers, overlay local planned roadworks, and give cellular coverage information.

What's Next?

The intention of The Better Internet Dashboard is to provide an information dense view without being overwhelming. Instead of using multiple sites to work out everything, that's now possible to do on a single page.

That said, for things to continue being useful, new additions need to come.

Planned work:

I Want/Need Feature X

BIDB has some priorities as mentioned in the past work, however if there's something you would like to see, please use the contact form.

X Doesn't Appear To Work Correctly

If something doesn't seem to work correctly, the chances are that we don't know about it. Please contact us to let us know!

What's The Difference Between Unplanned and Not Live?

Some providers (most smaller altnets) give some indication as to if they're targetting an area. If you're in this area and this is detected, the status will become "planned".

For providers which don't present this information (such as Virgin Media), if the service is not live, it will be marked as such. This does not mean that work is planned or unplanned, it simply means we do not have this information.

Usage of Data

Programatic collection of data displayed by is not allowed directly. If you require any data we hold, please contact us and we will help you with what you need.

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Outdoor and Indoor
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Good Indoors & Outdoors
Good Outdoors
Good indoors & outdoors
Good outdoors only
Limited coverage
5G Outdoor and indoor
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WhiteBlack dots represent a postcode with at least 1 known live premise.
WhiteBlack dots represent a postcode with at least 1 known live premise.